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Bible Verses About Love

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Scriptures on helping other people - when Jesus began His ministry he read from the words of the prophet Isaiah, that the Lord had anointed Him to bring good news to the poor, and that He was on the side of the brokenhearted, the prisoners and those who mourn or grieve (Isaiah 61:1-3). This page contains a series of bible references about Christ's teaching on helping others, including a short commentary on the parable of the Good Samaritan.




Leadership in the bible - this page explores some of the different patterns that are found in the scriptures in regards to leadership, alongside famous bible passages on the subject. In the Old Testament we discover that leadership is invested in one person, although often supported by close relatives or priests (such as Moses with Aaron and Hur - Exodus 17:8-13). With the coming of Christ, the church begins to practice a very different model of leadership - one characterised by small teams coming to work together with differing gifts.


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scriptures on patience and respect - patience is an elusive virtual in 21st Century Western life - with it's emphasis on speed, 24/7 lifestyle and instant results. In the New Testament we discover two different words in the Greek that are used for patience - hypomonē (which is similar in meaning to enduring) and makrothymia - which means forebearance and implies self-restraint. The page on respect is broken down into three elements - respect for God, other people, and oursleves, and cites several biblical references to explore these aspects.



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